New Beginings

According to the Chambers dictionary the name January is derived Janus (the Roman god)

from the name Janus, who was an ancient Roman two faced god. Apparently he had one head with two faces, one looking to the past and the other looking to the future. He was also described as hypocritical and deceitful.
We that call ourselves Christians are privileged in a way that is unique to those in Christ, that we serve a God who only has one face that looks forwards and not backwards.
Each day, each moment is a time to celebrate the fact that we are drawing nearer to God with each passing moment, to celebrate the fact He has seen fit to allow us to see another glorious day, another chance to tell those around us of His wondrous love.

Let us not look back, but press forward, step by step being guided by His Grace & loving kindness.

by I. O. Straughan



Hello Readers, welcome to the ‘Walk to Glory’ dance floor!

My name is D J Audio Prophet. I became a follower of Jesus in 1985 and started DJing about 10 years later (1995).

I am really interested in networking/talking and generally looking at ways to use music to connect with our creator God. I hope that over the next few weeks, months and years we will be able to help, support and create amazing opportunities for people who love dance/house music to engage with God and bring people closer to Him using the music we love most.

For now I want to say very little as we see who is out there.

Whoever you are, get in touch, say hello. My hope is that a community of dance and music lovers will be able to come together to use the gifts we have been given to engage, worship, go deeper into what we were created to be and at the same time facilitate lifting Jesus up as we bow down.

God Bless you all on the floor or in the booth.

DJ Audio P

‘Grace makes beauty out of ugly things’ – (Bono U2)


We constantly ask ourselves questions using that internal dialogue we call thought.  However until we externalise our thoughts they tend not to become a reality that must be addressed in some way.

This YouTube video really helped me through this process. Enjoy!

Example of a thought I turned into reality…._MG_1606-20140105-001758 I not only learned to ride a motorcycle, I have ridden around Europe on one!

Invisble Lady

You came in to this world, born out of love
Your dad found your mum irresistible
Through laughter and tears and all of these years
You somehow now feel you’re invisible

You listened and learned and taken your turn
Built a character based on a good principle
Worked hard every day and paved your own way
Yet somehow you now feel invisible?

You’re a daughter a wife through trouble and strife
A friend many found so dependable
Selfless and giving, so many forgiving
Yet somehow you now feel invisible

You’ve carried your load along life’s dreary road
Achieved more than you thought ever possible
Without real recognition from those high in position
Yet somehow you now feel invisible

You’ve governed your life as a mother a wife
Each day and each night unpredictable
After all of these years you’ve fostered this fear
That now you’ve become so invisible?

Well your life is a light shinning brighter than white
Your loved with more love than permissable
Do not ever despair just continue to share
Your kindness and caring is visible.

I was inspired to write this by an elderly lady I met called Jean who is retired and a volunteer for ‘Help The Aged’

God Bless her.


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We’d like to introduce ourselves

David and Els%2C Friends of Ian

Hello fans of the Walk to Glory. I have been promising Ian for about hundred years now that I would say hello here at his blog, so with that in mind I would like to introduce to you The wife, (Els Knowles, the beautiful one on the right) and my self, (David Knowles). We consider Ian to be part of our CrAzY family, and have know him for years, … and years, … and years, well, let’s just say, we go back a loooonnngggg way.

Brothers in Arms during our time together in the YMCA in High Wycombe, doing our clumsy best to share the good news with anyone fullhardy enough to dare to strike up a converstaion with us. LOL.

I am the guy behind the scenes who built this blog and hope that you enjoy it. Feel free to contact Ian if you too would like to contribute as a writer to this blog. Let your voice be heard too! It’s important because we are all part of the bigger picture and everyone is an expert in something. We’d love to learn from you.

Oh yeah, wife and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary on October the 19th, WOOHOO!!

Just thinking!


Although we can all get lonely at times, especially at those special times of year ‘I have learned that recently’…

‘It is far better to be alone on a rooftop with peace and a morsel of dry bread, than to spend any time in a house filled with the best food and wine with Contentious or Negative people, who do nothing more than drain you of what little joy you possess.’

We entered this world alone and one day we shall depart alone to Glory one day, so would it not be wise to learn to be alone and take responsibility for our own joy instead of looking to others to bring us their joy.

Be Bold, Be Faithful and Be True!

“Remove the foundations on which any country, building or relationship has been built and it will certainly collapse.”

I will never deny or water down my faith in Christ Jesus as a Christian to gain acceptance from any group, individual or political body. It is the foundation on which I try to build my life.
If this leads to ridicule or isolation so be it. I’ve made my choice!

I felt so strongly about what is being discussed in the media with regards to faith recently, that I had to draw my line in the sand and make my stance, in light of the current climate throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


May I take this opportunity to thank my dear friend David Knowles for taking precious time out of his other commitments to transfer my Blogg over from Textpattern to WordPress.


I am truly grateful for his continued support in my attempt to encourage and inspire others.

Thanks Dave.

I stand in awe!

It was you who said, ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and all it’s righteousness…’
So I did, I left my home, and followed your instructions as best I could.
Then I found your presence amongst your people in a small church in a small town.
I asked you to meet my needs and you provided me with a temporary home that I could only ever dream of having… for that I praise your name.
You then provided a humble job that did just that, meet my needs, and nothing more…for this I am grateful.
You surrounded me with your people in their many differing guises and they allowed me to dwell amongst them… for that I feel blessed.
You restored me and I felt that desire to draw nearer to you in a new way… for your Grace I bow down at your feet.
You opened my eyes and softened my heart…for that I adore you. You brought someone into my life to demonstrate your never ending love towards me…for that I stand in awe of you.
All that is left for me to do is to trust and obey and show my love for you through the way I treat such a special gift.
And to my Niece Natalie…thank you for inspiring me to write this.

See Gods glory through the story