Jesus taking hold of me

Sometimes, often I long to see around
corners of my life.
See what the future holds,
And what god has planned for me.
And yet He has called me as His servant.
To walk in the darkness and mystery,
in not knowing and wondering.
It seems an endless eternity,
A decade of my life that I have
been kept In the anguish of affliction,
The frustration of restriction,
It has not ended yet.
But all the while He is working, training,
preparing me for what is ahead.
He is my rock, and the strength of my life,
I never stop believing, trusting Him,
Letting him lead me into new depths,
He is raising warriors,
Men of blazing passion for God.

What does it take to make such fire?
What does it take to make such devotion?
Watever it takes,
I’ll be there.


Written by my friend, co worker and inspiration to start the Walk to Glory from my days as a volunteer at the YMCA in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Johnathan Hales (Myalic Encephalomyelitis (M E) sufferer for several years)
Effects of (M E) Debilitating low energy levels, painful muscles and joints, disturbed sleep, poor memory and concentration, gastric disturbances, neuropsychological complaints, painful lymph nodes, prolonged fatigue after exercise.

What would a bird do..!




When faced with hunger…
What would a bird do?
Would it rob a store,
Or sit and starve?

When it’s home is destroyed…
What would a bird do?
Would sit on the kerb
Or move into a squat?

When left out in the cold,
What would a bird do?
Would it complain,
Or just curl up and die?

When happy or sad…
What would a bird do?
Well it would do what it
always does in any situation..
It would sing!


Serving Others

The best way to find the true nature of others is to humble yourself and serve them.

That’s all Jesus did, and look what they did to him!

The Police, Firemen and Ambulance Service all serve us and look how they are treated, especially at weekends.

Soldiers are serving their country all around the world 24/7.. God bless them… but they’re only recognised if they suffer or die.

And yet people daily pay to worship football teams and television celebrities who only serve themselves.

So those of us who choose to serve others may never receive the adulation of a self server, but will live safe in the knowledge that their actions are done out of love and caring for their fellow man. But there is one who sees all and in the fullness of time we will all be known by the fruits of our lives.