New Beginings

According to the Chambers dictionary the name January is derived Janus (the Roman god)

from the name Janus, who was an ancient Roman two faced god. Apparently he had one head with two faces, one looking to the past and the other looking to the future. He was also described as hypocritical and deceitful.
We that call ourselves Christians are privileged in a way that is unique to those in Christ, that we serve a God who only has one face that looks forwards and not backwards.
Each day, each moment is a time to celebrate the fact that we are drawing nearer to God with each passing moment, to celebrate the fact He has seen fit to allow us to see another glorious day, another chance to tell those around us of His wondrous love.

Let us not look back, but press forward, step by step being guided by His Grace & loving kindness.

by I. O. Straughan

3 thoughts on “New Beginings”

  1. Phil 3:13…forgetting the things which are behind me and reaching forth to the things that are before.

    We learn from our past mistakes, but our focus is forward looking. God makes each day a new beginning.

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