I stand in awe!

It was you who said, ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and all it’s righteousness…’
So I did, I left my home, and followed your instructions as best I could.
Then I found your presence amongst your people in a small church in a small town.
I asked you to meet my needs and you provided me with a temporary home that I could only ever dream of having… for that I praise your name.
You then provided a humble job that did just that, meet my needs, and nothing more…for this I am grateful.
You surrounded me with your people in their many differing guises and they allowed me to dwell amongst them… for that I feel blessed.
You restored me and I felt that desire to draw nearer to you in a new way… for your Grace I bow down at your feet.
You opened my eyes and softened my heart…for that I adore you. You brought someone into my life to demonstrate your never ending love towards me…for that I stand in awe of you.
All that is left for me to do is to trust and obey and show my love for you through the way I treat such a special gift.
And to my Niece Natalie…thank you for inspiring me to write this.