Being fruitful

A man was watching his elderly neighbour planting a fruit tree in his garden.  He inquired of him as follows:

 ” You don’t expect to eat fruit from that tree do you?”  The old man rested on his spade.  He said “No, at my age I know I won’t.  But all my life I have enjoyed fruit … never from a tree I have planted myself.  I am just trying to pay the others who planted the trees for me.”

We all enjoy the fruit of another persons labour, as each generation has left something from which we now benefit.  Some individuals spent their whole lives developing all the technology, medication, transportation and never saw the end result.  And they have all been remembered for their inspired work.

God through Christ Jesus laid the foundations for mankind in such a dramatic way.  But it was not out of inspiration, no, something much, much deeper and longer lasting; LOVE.

May He grant us the wisdom to press forwards each and every day being fruitful in our lives.