Lord, When I Am Down

Lord, when I am down
And lowly in heart
What do you think of me?

When I am so tired
Any my mind is fatigued
What do you think of me?

You know what I think,
And you know how I feel.
"Come on Lord", tell me what you think.

Know me as your Heavenly Father,
Pray in the Spirit
And tell me your burdens.

Jesus said …

Come to me all you who
Are weary and burdened
And I will give you rest.

So come on Child
You know what I think
And you know I love you.


In Praise Of Friendship

Friends will always be friends
Right from the very beginning
Through to the very end of time

In all that they live through
To the peak of enjoyment
Down to the depths of despair

Closer to you than a mother or father
Much closer than a sister or brother
Sharing and never self-seeking

Friendship given freely grows wide and deep
Endures and never fades for wanting
Does not lack courage, strength or weakness

There is no season, or time of day or night
When friendship deserted a call for help
Or shrunk back from giving honest counsel when needed

Understanding of all it's needs
Respectful from the beginning for all time


Monkey Love

From a beautiful seed inside did grow,
A beautiful boy I’m getting to know.
This little boy I’m learning about,
Has taught me a lot about fear and doubt.
It’s futile to fight what I feel so deep.
The pain of the past is not there to keep.
It hinders my growth as a loving being,
And it’s not what my child who I love should be seeing.
This little boy with his rich chocolate eyes,
Whose tears are mine when he hurts and he cries.
For most of the day he’s happy to play,
With his friends and his trucks in his own gentle way.
Then he’ll come in the kitchen when I’m cooking his meal,
And throw up his arms for some love that is real.
I’ll hold him so tight and get all in a muddle,
with the pots and the pans and the plates and the dishes,
But I’ll never say no to my little boys wishes.
For cuddles and kisses are the warmest of ways
To show him my love on the darkest of days.
I’m proud of my son in a way like no other,
For he is my son and I am his mother.
He’s gentle and kind and thinks of others,
A precious gift amongst playground brothers.
He’s a beautiful boy, a gift from God, given to me at a difficult time.
My son he is strong and he’s doing just fine.
Sometimes I watch him when he’s fast asleep.
The strength of my love for him makes me weep.
There’s been tears of pain from a difficult start,
But God has stayed with me and held onto my heart.
So when I watch this boy in his slumber,
Through tears of joy I no longer wonder.
Why I was blessed with a beautiful son,
For God chose me to be his beautiful mum.
It’s a funny old thing this Monkey Love.
It clings to you in a way like no other,
This tight, tight love, Gods plentiful ‘sugar’
This Monkey love from a son to his mother.
It’s simple you see, that we love each other,
For he is my son and I am his mother.

The Door To Love












Standing upon the balcony waiting for a sign
Just to be there with you is a simple dream of mine
I gather my belongings and walk towards the door
For now I waited long enough, makes me want you so much more
Everything about you is as perfect as can be
But the only thing that's missing is the presence of me
They say that all good things must come to an end
But if it never really started then we still have hope my friend
I grasp the handle of the door and give a gentle tug
Why am I leaving now, when you're just like a drug?
You keep me going from day to day always hoping and praying
My love for you will always be strong and always remain staying
Each morning when I wake I hear the birds outside my window
But this morning when I woke It didn't seem to be the same though
The birds were silent, no squirells in sight, not even the sound of a mouse
Had my senses dissapeared whilst in this cold and lonely house?
Even if I was blind, even if I was deaf, my heart stays here much longer
Without my eyes, ears or mouth, my love for you would grow stronger.

Love You Sis'

You probably already know me, but I wanna make a track.
It's all about my life and how I' not going back.
I was never the person who was always seen.
So now I'm trying to be the kid I could have been
I was always ignored or sometimes laughed at,
Or either getting bullied cos ma sis was on crack.
But she was the only one that really cared,
Whatever bit of money she had she always shared.
But as I grew up and got a bit older,
I realised that I had never told her.
She was my mum and that I really love her,
Even though I don't do owt' to show her.
So now am letting you know I love you, I do.
I probably would not be here if it were not for you.