The Wrong Partner


You are always there for me
That I should know
You've  took me wherever
I wanted to go
You make me feel happy
You make me feel free
Did I neglect you
Was I too blind to see

We worked well together
I ignored all my friends
You were all that I needed
The begining the end.
Then I looked around
For what man calls love
Redirected my focus
From God up above

So now I am hurting
No one should be blamed
Please forgive me my Lord
For I feel so ashamed
You've always been there
But I still wanted more
Should have kneeled down and asked You
Of that I'm now sure

You have loved me forever
You see all that I do
And I'll never forget
I have life thanks to you
But though I mess up
You will always forgive
Through your tender mercies
I continue to live

I will stand by your word
Try to live by your grace
My weakness now showing
All over my face
To you I come begging
In whole not in part
Dear Father in Heaven
Please mend my sore heart

The Mirror


When I was born, nobody came into the world.
When I looked in the mirror, nobody looked back.
When I was 10, nobody played with me.
When I left at 15, nobody said goodbye.
When I came home hurt, nobody said hello.
When I looked in the mirror, nobody looked back.
When I was 23 I looked again I saw a woman and a man.
Who is she, that she can make nobody go away?
When I was 25 I looked again, they had a child I saw and nobody stayed away.
When I was 29 She was there again 2 children at her side, and nobody stayed away.
When I was 40 one child I saw, the other was far away.
When I was 50 only the man and woman I saw, with nobody far away.
When I was 56 only the woman I saw, alone in the sun.
With nobody at her side.
When I looked in the mirror, nobody looked back.
Now I have gone, nobody will say that I have ever been but the woman.
Nobody was there at the beginning.
Nobody was there at the end.
Nobody is her companion now.
Just as if I had never been.
Stupidity was the game I played
Sadness was my reward.
Nobody won all the games in my life.
And now….he’s won again.

I wrote this about a time in my life that was bad. But God is a great healer as I am here to testify.

It's Hard (Part II)


It's hard to be you
When they want you just like them.
It's hard to be you,
When they just want to condemn.
It's hard to be faithful,
When they just want you to sin.
It's hard to stay out,
When they want to drag you in.
It's hard to be happy,
When all around are sad.
It's hard to be like Jesus,
When all you do is fail.
It's hard to go on through this life,
Searching for the Holy Grail.
It's hard to walk the lonely miles,
Make it easy on yourself my friend,
Go on the road that Jesus trod.
Make it easy on yourself my friend.
And choose the path of God.


It's Hard!










It's hard being honest
When no-one wants the truth
Try to be quiet
When others hit the roof
It's hard being caring
To those who will not share
It's hard being here
When they want you over there.

It's hard getting up,
When people put you down,
It's hard planting seeds,
On very stoney ground.
It's hard being joyful,
When friends are feeling sad.
It's hard staying focussed,
In a world that can seem mad.

It's hard to look forward
When others hold you back
It's hard to view the beauty.
If they only point out cracks.
It's hard to just work,
When all they do is play.
It's hard to believe.
When fear gets in the way.

It's hard to be giving,
When you have no more to give.
It's hard to accept,
Your life is yours to live.
It's hard to stay afloat,
When you feel your out at sea.
It's hard to be you,
If you try to be like me!

To Acheive a Revival

If you have access to a Bible check this out it is totally genuine good advice for all Christians.

Revival does not just…

Spring up

but if if all Drowsy Christians…

Wake up  (Ephesians 5v14)

and all the Luke Warm…

Heat up (Revelations 3v16)

and all the Dishonest

Own up (Romans 13v13)

and all in dept

Pay up (Romans 13v8)

and all the Disgruntled…

Sweeten up (Matthew 5v12-14)

and the Discouraged…

Cheer up (Phillipians 4v4)

and all the Depressed…

Look up (1Thessalonians 4v14-16)

and all the estranged…

Make up (Philipians 4v2)

and all the Gossips…

Shut up (Proverbs 18v8)

and all the  True…

Stand up (1 Thessalonians 6v13)

and all the Prayers…

Pray up (1 Thessalonians 5v17)

Then we could expect to have a

Revival (Lamentations 3v40 & Psalms 85v6)

What you know…



"What you see
Will make you flee
What you hear
Will make you fear
But what you know
That makes you go"



I often ponder what this short verse means to me. the answer is quite simple, it means once I know  what I believe I can go forward safe in the knowledge that I am protected and loved by God. And although I will make mistakes there is still a hope and forgiveness.

I see a lot of things each day but I do not always understand and in fact tend to misunderstand some of the events that take place on a daily basis.
Hearing the words spoken to me in  the work place as well as in my private life, but then having to confess I have been guilty of misinterpreting the actual meanings , to my own detriment.
However, when I know something I am confident in my decision making and rarely in any doubt regarding what is required of me.

However, to others the verse may mean something entirely different and that is a good thing! If it means nothing to you then that is very disheartening because our lives have meaning and everthing we do, read or say should have some kind of effect on others as well as ourselves.  It's like our own personal signiture that's left long after we've gone.