Disturbing signs


Now around the world people love to put up signs and warnings but every now and then I see the odd one that really disturbs me, eg.



Now I have a big problem with this informatin as it is posted all around the grounds of my local hospital.

I honestly thought that only these chaps…


..are supposed to deal with operations anywhere on the premises!

Or is really true that the health service are really struggling that much!

Lyrics & Memories

Song lyrics are very poignant to many of us and tend to remind us of a specific period in our lives, or of a relationship we shared. Coupled with the melodic tunes good lyrics can stir up emotions deep within us that sometimes reduce us to tears of both joy and sadness.
As a child I was exposed to Country & Western, Calypso, Reggae and a style of Caribbean music aptly named ‘Lovers Rock’. I remember this distinctly because at the weekends my father would ocasionally take himself off to the front room of our home (the best room). After a hard week of working in a cotton mill this was one of his ways of relaxing where he had a well kept radio-gram record player and a light maple coloured wooden box full of 7″ inch singles which I must say he kept in perfect order. He would take with him a packet of Monkey Nuts and either two bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale or two cans of Long Life Lager, then sit in the room for a couple of hours listening to his records. i assume that they reminded him of his youth back in Barbados’.He referred to his place of birth as “Back home”

I remeber distinctly the chorus of one record in particular that used to resound in my head whilst I would lay upstairs in my bed late on summers evening. At the tender age of ten years old these lyrics created my image of what perfect love should be like.

What’s in this world with me,
Goes where I go?
Shares all my dreams with me,
I need to know.
In life we search,
And some of us find.
I’ve searched for you my love,
A long, long time.
And now that I’ve found you,
You are all that I see.
Come take my hand
And walk through this world with me.

It is funny how this chorus still means a lot to me, but for a different reason other than intended by the original writer. 

It relates to my standing with God in whom I place my trust.


Meet our friends

Hello .. I thought it would be nice for me to introduce some friends and people who have encouraged and inspired me to create the 'Walk to Glory'

  KnowlesFirstly this is David Knowles my friend of many years and my brother in Christ. Without his technical know how this site would not exist. He is a constant source of inspiration to me and his house is a second home for me whenever I visit the Nederlands. His wife Els and two children treat me like one of the family.

He maintains this blogg and corrects any background problems we may encounter. I am blessed to have him as a friend.



Meet my friend Postie, he travels with me and  loves having his photo taken with my friends and any new people I meet. He also enjoys visits to church so you will see pictures of his travels and who he meets in future articles.


Julie & husbandAnd the Stainsbridge's a lovely couple who played host to me and three friends on our visit to Le Charente in France. The own a lovely Bed & Breakfast establishment in a lovely rural setting. It was during my stay with them when I wrote the poem 'I Fell Into A River' (see Article Archives)



And this is David  a former work colleague,  friend and of course another brother in the Lord. We've known each other since 2004 and both work in education. Dave is a very talented 'Dance DJ' who has a unique gift in the way he creates and uses dance music to share his faith.

Dave has recently joined us at the Walk to glory and is now developing the 'Music & Dance' section. So keep an eye on his bloggs you clubbers out there. I have no doubt you will all be inspired by his veiws.