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Walk to Glory is available to all people who are interested in a variety of uplifting encouraging topics.

We are committed Christians and our ultimate aim is to encourage others to consider Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to leave comments at the end of any article you read. All we humbly ask is that readers respect that we are Christians and expect you to share your views and opinions in a non abusive manner.

Any articles you wish to submit or questions you have relating to the content of this publication can be submitted using the contact form below.

We are now fully up and running, able to reply to and publish any articles or questions submitted.

We are self funding and do not ask for any revenue from any agency. If you truly are encouraged by The Walk to Glory we ask that you consider sending a donation to one of the many listed popular charities in our Charity Links column. Bless the needy people of this world.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and we sincerely hope you enjoy reading and contributing to the ‘Walk to Glory’.


We’d like to introduce ourselves

David and Els%2C Friends of Ian

Hello fans of the Walk to Glory. I have been promising Ian for about hundred years now that I would say hello here at his blog, so with that in mind I would like to introduce to you The wife, (Els Knowles, the beautiful one on the right) and my self, (David Knowles). We consider Ian to be part of our CrAzY family, and have know him for years, … and years, … and years, well, let’s just say, we go back a loooonnngggg way.

Brothers in Arms during our time together in the YMCA in High Wycombe, doing our clumsy best to share the good news with anyone fullhardy enough to dare to strike up a converstaion with us. LOL.

I am the guy behind the scenes who built this blog and hope that you enjoy it. Feel free to contact Ian if you too would like to contribute as a writer to this blog. Let your voice be heard too! It’s important because we are all part of the bigger picture and everyone is an expert in something. We’d love to learn from you.

Oh yeah, wife and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary on October the 19th, WOOHOO!!


May I take this opportunity to thank my dear friend David Knowles for taking precious time out of his other commitments to transfer my Blogg over from Textpattern to WordPress.


I am truly grateful for his continued support in my attempt to encourage and inspire others.

Thanks Dave.

Welcome to the ‘Walk To Glory’

Who and what is the ‘Walk to Glory’

Well at the moment it is me, Ian Straughan, an Operations Manager for a Leisure Company.

Being fairly well travelled, originally from the North of England but currently reside in greater Manchester.

I have been a Christian since April 1989 when I gave my life to the Lord in the John Wytcliffe Centre in West Wycombe, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.  I attended the New Hope Bible College in Peterhead, Scotland in 1991.  In 1996 I later attended Buckinghamshire University, where I helped stage the first ever gospel concert ever held there, whilst studying for a BSc.(Hons) Psychology.  I was the Director of Evangelism at the New Testament of God Pentecostal church in High Wycombe under the guidance of my former minister the late Revd. H. A. Bruce. Dip.Th, B.ED. (Hons).

In 1990 as a volunteer at the YMCA I formed a Christian Fellowship Group for all residents (non-believers and atheist attended).  It was an open forum to develop understanding and was a very special time in my life for several years.

The walk to glory itself was started in 1994 by myself with support from several friends from different churches, ethnic groups and countries.  It was originally produced by myself on Microsoft Publisher and distributed by post.  At first only 20/50 copies were sent out each month and soon rose to three hundred.  Readers used to send in stamps, as I funded it myself, and continue to do so, ‘thank you Lord for the introduction of the internet’.  It was my friend of 20 or so years David Knowles (a good Christian, comitted father of two boys and the husband to a loving wife Els) who agreed to use his skills as a graphic designer living in the in the Netherlands to assist me in turning my ideas into this blogg, for which I am truly grateful.

At the ‘Walk To Glory’ we are committed to producing encouraging and uplifting pieces of work for the enjoyment of all who choose to visit this site.
Although sharing our faith in a loving light hearted way, is our ultimate aim, we have no intention of offending or getting into debates with any person, group or organisation.
Allowing our readers to submit their own inspiring work is our way of sharing and interacting with them. Variety and differing views will ensure that this Blogg will be interesting and diverse.
Please feel free to enter your comments at the end of any article that is of interest to you or any questions you may have. Alternatively go to the contact page and email us direct.

I sincerely hope this Blog brings you joy and encouragement.
Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at the ‘Walk To Glory’