The Changes

Everyday the world turns round and always seems to change,
You see the question is my lord, Why do I stay the same?
My hair turns blonde, my eyes so black, but yet I still remain,
The little girl with fresh pale skin and locks like a lions mane.
Loved ones pass away and new babies are born,
You see the question is my lord, Why do I feel so torn?
Despite those who give their lives are making room for someone else,
I can’t help but hang my head and angrily blame myself.
We all move on from time to time and yet we still believe,
That everything changes in order for us to achieve

Trust Your Father

Daddy took me out today
He did not tell me why
But I can still remember
A clear but distant sky
He laid me on the soft green grass
And then he strolled away
Where ever was he going
He did not stop to say
I waited and I waited
On moist grass in the shade
And then my father hastened back
With bucket and a spade.
A glance around with spade in hand
He slowly dug a hole
He could’nt do it quickly
As dad was getting old
I could not fathem out his goal
I wished to know much more
I had to trust my daddy
As I’d not been out before
Well soon he stopped his digging
And went in for a brew
He left me laying there exposed
My word, what should I do
Then dad brought out a little book
He opened up the page
Dad flicked his eyes from side to side
He pondered for an age
And then I heard him murmering
He then commenced to read.
“With water and some composs
I’ll plant you little seed.”

A Wish For Closeness

A letter written during World War II by a father to his soldier son:

Dear Son,

I wish I had the power to write
The thoughts wedged in my heart tonight
As I sit watching that small star
And wondering where and how you are.
You know son, Son, it’s a funny thing
How close a war can really bring
A father, who for years with pride,
Has kept emotions deep inside.
I’m sorry, Son, when you were small
I let reserve build up my wall;
I told you real men never cried,
And it was mum who always dried
Your tears and smoothed your hurts away
So that you soon went back to play.
But, Son, deep down within my heart
I longed to have some little part
In drying that small tear-stained face,
But we were men – men don’t embrace.
And suddenly I found my son
A full grown man, with childhood done.
Tonight you’re far across the sea,
Fighting a war for men like me.
Well some how pride and what was right
Have changed places here tonight
I find my eyes won’t stay quite dry
And that men someimes really cry.
And if we stood here face to face,
I’m sure, my Son, we would embrace.

How to Do It Right!

How to raise a juvenile delinquent in your own family.

Begin from infancy to give your child everything it wants. This will ensure your child believes that the world owes it a living.

Pick up everything that your child leaves lying around. This will  teach your child that it can always throw off responsibility on others.

Openly quarrel, fight and express your grievances with your partner in front of your child continually. This will teach your child that self restraint and self respect is unecessary.

Fail to follow through with any threat of discipline. This will build your child’s immunity to consequences

Take the childs part against neighbours, teachers and the police. They are all prejudiced against your child. Your child is a ‘free spirit’ and never wrong.

Finally, prepare yourself for a life of grief. Your going to have one.

More Than Life

I'm going to talk about a song: More Than Life from Hillsong. More specifically, its chorus: and all I know, I love You more than life. This really struck me this evening – do I really love God more than life?In Acts 6 & 7 we get to hear of a rather amazing guy of the name of Stephen. He is arrested for being a "man full of God's grace and power, [who] did great wonders and miraculous signs among the people" [Acts 6:8]. Now, I am hardly worthy to lick Stephen's sandals, but what really hit me was what Stephen does when he is before the Sanhedrin [the religious rulers of the day][Acts 7]. Instead of whimpering and apologizing he tells them exactly why he is doing what he is doing. From Abraham all the way through to Jesus' death and resurrection! In other words, he tells a lawyer how to do law. Result: Stephen is murdered [Acts 7:54 – 56]. Stephen evidently loves God more than life.Now, Paul happened to be there at Stephen's stoning – here God works an amazing miracle – for those of you not knowing of Paul's conversion you can read about it in Acts 9. Paul however, goes on from here to speak to many hundreds if not thousands of people about his Savior – many of these people don't particularly wish to hear this though, Paul is in danger many times throughout his travels. Paul also loves God more than life.So there are two examples of two amazing Christians who loved God enough to give up everything they had and held dear – even to the point of life itself? Why?Why go to the lengths of dieing for something you can't see or prove? Why give up everything? Family, friends, pets and college? These people must have had complete belief in everything they had seen and been told, so much so, that they enacted Jesus' words, and "pick[ed] up [their] cross" [Luke 9:23] and followed Him.So what can we/I learn from this? Following God is eternal – there's no just doing it on Sundays, it has to be a complete sacrifice. Giving everything to God, making sure He is more important to you than life. Put it this way: this world will end, but God won't – which is more important?So, back to the song Let go of everything I've done, and run into Your open arms
Fall back on everything You've done, fall back on everlasting arms when all the world slips away,
You are the things I need
You are the air I breathe. 

At All Times

Wherever you may venture, I will follow tee .

I will forever be by your side.

Wherever lies your destination,

I will journey ahead and prepare your welcome.

Whenever thou art lonely,

I will be thy comforter in every circumstance.

Whenever thou may weaken,

I will be thy strength and shield.

Whenever thou art happy,

I will rejoice in your songs of praise with delight.

Though I remain at your side , I will be quiet,

But my light within thee shall never grow dim.

Should thou ever despair and call onmy name,

I will be there, right by your side,

Through every season of your life.

Wherever you lay your head to rest,

I will be there to watch over you.

When you arise,

I will be ready to guide your new day.

In your absence, though you may be seperated from your family,

Worry not a moment…

I will keep watch there also,

And provide their daily needs.

I am the Good Shepherd and I look after my sheep,

Wherever they may be scattered.

In time you will be restored to your family,

And as you rejoice, so to will I the Lord your God.

Therefore, be Blessed and carry forth the Gospel,

Which lights your way in faith, and with all confidence, be Blessed. 

Surrender & Obedience

Please feel free to send in prayer request, encouraging thoughts or quotes as we will publish them to uplift others.

These are a few of my favourites just to get this section started, hopefully all others will come from you the readers.

"If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"

"Christ was one child who definately knew more than his parents and yet He obeyed them!"

"It's much wiser to choose what you say than say what you choose"

If you truly wish to defend your faith, then the best way is to practice it!

It a shame people always want to be counted in, but not counted on!

"If your faith does not work here, then it  won't work anywhere!"

Choice not chance determines destiny.

A Christian must first learn to get on their knees before they can get on their feet.

No one becomes a Christian on their own terms!

No Christian is strong enough to carry a cross and prejudice at the same time!

Sorrow the Teacher





I walked a mile with Pleasure;

She chatted all the way;

But left me non the wiser;

For all she had to say;

I walked a mile with Sorrow;

And ne' er a word said she;

But oh' the things I learned from her;

When Sorrow walked with me.

Author: Robert Hamilton

We may never comprehend the sorrow of another person. so let's have the good grace to learn by just being there and listening.

To all that are going through some circumstance… remember this;

What the Caterpillar calls the end..

God calls a Butterfly.

Bless you!

Do Right Anyway!

People can be unreasonable, illogigical and self centred.

Love them anyway.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.

Succeed anyway.

Honest and frankness may leave you vunerable.

Be Frank and Honest anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.

Do Good anyway.

The biggest people with the biggest ideas can be brought down by the smallest people with the smallest minds.

Think Big anyway.

People favour underdogs but tend to support the top dogs.

Encourage the under dogs anyway.

What you spend years building can be destroyed overnight.

Build anyway.

You may be ridiculed for trusting Jesus Christ.

trust Him anyway.


Christ Never said it would be easy!

Many of us who have come to accept Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Saviour, never truly considered the true cost of our relationship with Him.
"A some what profound statement I hear some of you utter, and I agree totally."
However the Gospel which literally changes millions of lives all around the globe on a daily basis is profound in itself. For Christ himself said to those of us who choose to believe..

Luke 14:28-29
28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not consider the cost, whether he has enough to finish it-
29 lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it beging to mock him.
     (New King James version)

How often we desire to share our faith with others , but allow the fear of rejection or ridicule to hinder us? Christ has called us, that believe, to be His witnesses, not only called but equipped us to do this His way and not in our own strength or wisdom, but through the power of His Grace and His Holy Spirit.
His commitment to us was unquestionable, His limits unending and His Love undying.
Each day let us remind ourselves of this and with God's help and our daily submision, strive forward to the mark.

Prayer is our direct link to God. So as we at the at 'The Walk to Glory'pray that He uses us to bless and encourage you all. Please pray likewise that He uses you to bless others with His loving words.

by Ian Straughan