Take Time To Think..!


Each morning I lift my head off four soft pillows and leave my warm quilted double Divan bed, I tend not to think. As I stumble past my fully fitted well stocked wardrobes in my tastefully decorated bedroom and turn into my fully equipped bathroom, I tend not to think. When taking my pick of which brand of toothpaste or which coloured toothbrush I wish to use to clean my full set of teeth, I tend not to think. I aimlessy climb in to the bath and switch on my power shower and adjust the dial to a tempreture that suits my mood at that moment in time and fill my hands with the creamy lather from a popular name branded shower gel and basque in that refreshing feeling that only a shower can bring, I tend not to think. Then in my big white toweling robe, bare footed, with the soft feel of an axminster carpet under my feet, I make my way down twelve steps then turn right along a well lit corridor and rub my tingling face and eyes as the natural light shines through the large bay windows of my fully furnished lounge, I tend not to think. On entering my large spacious kitchen, through two folding doors, I pick up, off the eight seater oak dining table, the remote switch for a thirty-six inch flat screen tv that is fixed high up on the kitchen wall above the dining table, before turning to the double doored tall fridge freezer and make my choice of Apple or Orange juice to drink before stepping into the garden to carry out my daily stretching exercise, I tend not to think. After a bowl of cereal followed by hot toast with either eggs, beans or cheese washed down with either coffee or an abundant choice of herbal tea's, yet again I tend not think. Once I have chosen what to wear to work I choose which deodrant, which aftershave, which cufflinks and finally which watch to wear, I tend not to think. I pick up the keys for, my front door, my workplace and my debt free car, I leave my home and open my ten foot gates and drive my car on to the road then turn back and  close the gates to my drive way and gaze back assured all is well, it is then I think.

I think about my job, to facilitate the needs of others, I think about driving safely, to facilitate the needs others, I think about God and how He has blessed and equipped me with the health, strength, understanding and a caring heart. He has given me  the opportunity to facilitate the needs others.

During every second of every minute of every twenty-four hours we share, hear, see and are given the opportunity to do something that we should be grateful for. I wish that we as human beings could see and be grateful for those small mercies which we take for granted each and every day.

God Bless